How to Stop 'Nutrition Freestyling', Lose the Weight You Want, and Keep it Off with Just 7 Simple Steps

No calorie counting, No weight loss pills, No starving yourself

Hi. Dr. Mike here. I’m a nationally renowned nutritional consultant that helps people who have lost weight and gained it back, lose that weight permanently without asking them to completely and radically revamp their diets, severely restrict calories, or pop pills that shrink their wallets more than their waistlines.

I want to share with you a program and an approach that could change the way that you look at nutrition and diets. This approach is so different because I want meet you where you are nutritionally and work to make changes in your diet from there. Let me tell you about something I call nutritional freestyling and  if this concept rings true to you then my 7 Step Weight Loss Plan is going to help you lose weight and keep it off forever. If it doesn’t ring true, then this program isn’t for you (now how’s that for honesty?)

Nutritional Freestyling

If you are nutritional freestyling then your diet is basically…you feel hungry, you go to the fridge, you open the fridge, and eat what you see and feel like eating. There isn’t really a plan or rhyme or reason to what you are eating or when.

If this is you, I have 2 pieces of good news.

  • Just about everyone you know also is nutritional freestyling, so you aren’t alone and you really haven’t been shown a better way to eat – unless you are on a diet (and that doesn’t last forever – right?).
  • You are only going to need to adopt some very simple changes  to lose weight and keep it off. The keeping it off part is what I’m really interested in helping your with as anybody can help you lose weight. If you wanted to you could probably lose weight starting tomorrow – I’m sure you done it in the past right? It is the keeping it off part that is tricky.

I’m talking about simple and basic changes rolled out in a strategic and systematic fashion overtime. I’ll worry about the strategic and systematic parts and you just need to focus on the simple and basic parts of the plan.

Simple and basic. Sounds good right?

I really want you to catch the vision about if you are nutritional freestyling how my 7 Step Weight Loss Plan is going to work better for you than just about anything else out there (even things I’ve written and produced in the past).

Let’s use exercise for a second to illustrate why the 7 Step Weight Loss Plan is so effective.

Look at the picture below. If you were that guy on the couch (maybe you are?) would you get up the next morning and start a rigorous Olympic lifting exercise program that required advanced skills, hours of practice and preparation, and an elite level of personal fitness?


No way right? That would be crazy and you’d end up injured and back on the couch in no time.

Soooo….why do you try to do that with your diet?

Why would you try to go from not paying much attention to your diet, eating with no rhyme or reason, and probably eating too much junk to counting calories, points, grams, fiber, weighing, measuring, and portioning your food to meet strict and stringent dietary requirements? How long do you think you could keep that up?

It isn’t a completely rhetorical question either as I’m sure you’ve attempted this before – going from no diet plan to a super strict exact plan. I’m sure you lost some weight but how long could you will yourself to stay on that program before you reverted back to your old behaviors? 1 week…1 month?

So I just gave you the key. The secret sauce to long term leanness


It is all about behaviors. It has taken me a long time to figure this out. I’ve spent a lot of time as an academic studying nutrition and the human body. I was in school from the time I was 6 years old to until I was 29 years old! During the latter portion of my academic career I spent 6 years studying organic and biochemistry and then I spent another 4 1/2 years working to receive my doctorate in nutrition and you know what….none of that time was spent discussing behaviors that lead to permanent weight loss. It was always about calories, grams, specific nutrients, and biochemical pathways.

I can honestly tell you that there is nothing sexy about putting together an action oriented program which develops core habits that leads to permanent weight loss. I don’t have any stories about how this program includes an exotic adaptogen supplement discovered by Russians and hidden behind the Iron Curtain for decades or tales about extracts of a root from a rare South African herb that hunters and gathers used to chew on to curb their hunger while hunting in the bush. Nothing that flashy, no smoke and no mirrors.

The step by step process which you will go through as part of the 7 Step Weight Loss Plan isn’t flashy but it is effective. It will require you to do something each day for two weeks and then, if you were able to put that into action, we’ll add a new layer to your plan, a new habit for you to master. So each day you’ll work on these specific actions and over the course of the program these simple behaviors will become ingrained into your daily rhythm – then they’ll start happening automatically.

You’ll start losing weight, feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy and you’ll never go back to your old behaviors because these new behaviors will be ingrained. There will be no ‘going back to the old way of eating‘ as this will be your body’s new normal. And when the smoke clears and you look in the mirror…all of your jeans will be too big.

Are you in?


Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss Plan works because it meets you were you are and focuses on developing the areas that have let you down in the past.

What is included in Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss Plan?

First, this program is all digital. I’ve done it this way for a couple reasons. 1. You get instant access so you can get started right away and you have access forever. 2. Cost savings. With this digital program there are no printing, binding, shipping or handling costs and I pass those savings onto you.

Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss Plan Video – This video presentation is the core of the program. It introduces you to the Stages of Nutrition, looks at nutritional freestyling in greater depth, and lays out for you each step of your 7 step plan in great detail. This video can be watched online in the members area, downloaded and watched on your computer, or watched on your smartphone/mobile device of choice. I’ve also included the audio version of this presentation so that you can listen to it while you are driving to work or cleaning up the house (two times when I like to listen to audiobooks and programs).

7 Steps Habit Tracking Forms – As I’ve mentioned, this program is all about helping you develop a core set of behaviors that will unlock your lean body for life. The 7 Steps Habit Tracking Forms allow to you track your progress through the program and tell how well you are sticking to the 7 step plan. Tracking is a key factor that is often overlooked and left out but no matter how good the plan, if you don’t stick to it, you won’t reap the benefits. These forms are used to guarantee that you reap the benefits.

7 Steps Transcription and Slides – I’ve complied a manual for you that includes a complete transcription of the 7 Step Weight Loss Plan presentation and the slides from my presentation. This will allow you to follow along, take notes, highlight key areas that really ring true to you, while also serving as a key reference for you to refer to time and time again as you go through the program.

7 Steps Hot Sheets – These hot sheets serve as your quick start guide to the program. Each step is laid out along with your action steps on one page so that you can see the big picture as well as what you need to do to put that step into action.

21 Ways to Eat More Vegetables Special Report – This is one of the most popular reports that I have created for my clients. As you probably know, eating more fruits and vegetables is a key strategy in any effective weight loss plan. This report shows you that eating more vegetables doesn’t mean that you are stuck having salads everyday and it gives you 21 unique (but simple) ways to get vegetables into your diet (which is important for Step 4 of the program).

Dr. Mike's 8 Week Risk Free Guarantee

I know this program works and I want to do everything possible to help you start losing weight and keep it off. This is why I am going to take ALL the risk and give you a full 8 week unconditional guarantee. That’s right you have 8 full weeks to use the entire Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss program and if at any time you are not happy with the program for ANY reason (or no reason at all). Just email me (drmike [at] and I will refund your money. I won’t ask any questions. I’ll just give you 100% of your money back. It is that simple.

All Inclusive Pricing – Activated

As I mentioned previously, most people that you know are Nutritional Freestyling. Getting out of the nutrition freestyling habit is an essential first step for living a long, lean, and healthy life. Because mastery of the components and behaviors in my 7 Step Weight Loss Plan is essential for everyone, I wanted this program to be something that everyone could invest in and use. That is why I have put into place what I call ‘all-inclusive pricing’ to make this program a no-brainer price for everyone at only $27. This is just 12% of what I am normally paid for 1 hour of nutrition consulting and half the cost of a one month supply of any ‘fat burning’ supplement you’d find on the shelves at a local supplement store. For only $27, I am going to help you lose weight and keep it off, permanently. Pretty Good deal..wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve said my piece. I know this program works. If you are nutritional freestyling then this program is your solution to getting on the road to the new lean you. If you’ve made it this far down the page, you know that this program makes sense and that its focus on ingraining behaviors and daily actions into your life was the missing ingredient when you previously lost weight and gained it back. Your success and satisfaction is guaranteed. Click the add to cart button below and let’s get started on this together.


  • Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss Plan – Instant Online Access
    • 7 Step Weight Loss Plan Video
    • 7 Steps Adherence Tracking Forms
    • 7 Steps Manual
    • 7 Steps Hot Sheets
    • 21 Ways to Eat More Vegetables Report
  • Bonus – Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss Plan iPod Friendly Video Download
  • Bonus – Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss Plan MP3 Download
  • Bonus – “How to Lose 100lbs” Audio Program

All for the one-time investment of $27


NOTE: Dr. Mike’s 7 Step Weight Loss Plan is a digital program. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the video, manual, and all the bonuses onto your computer. The manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. The video can be viewed online in the members area at

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Meet Dr. Mike

Author, speaker, and nutritional consultant Mike Roussell, PhD is known for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits that his clients can use to ensure permanent weight loss and long lasting health. Dr. Mike holds a bachelor degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in nutrition. His robust academic background coupled with his broad range of experience from consulting with pharmaceutical and food companies, medical schools, top rated fitness facilities, and individual clients give him the unique ability to translate scientific findings into relevant, understandable, and actionable strategies.

Dr. Mike is sought after expert contributor to both national print publications and leading online fitness outlets. Dr. Mike writes the weekly “Ask The Diet Doctor” column at as well as the biweekly “Ask The Macro Manager” at He authored the book Your Naked Nutrition Guide (2007) in addition to serving as the nutritionist for Power Training (Rodale, 2007) and Strength Training Cardio (Rodale, 2010).